About us

Established in 2009, Solohan & Co is Africa’s first premier legal outfit company. With a staff of over 40 eloquent craftsmen and skilled professionals with over 30 years of experience and relevant training in chancery lane and Savile Row in London, we endeavour to produce the finest legal apparel money can buy. We key ourselves in unbeatable precession and timeless quality. 

All our products pass through a series of quality control and checks before it is delivered to ensure that it meets up with our international standard. 

Over the years, Solohan & CO, spread its roots across the globe especially in common law countries where its high-quality products have enjoyed consistent patronage from a wide range of Legal practitioners. Our head office is situated in the heart of Abuja making it easily accessible for fittings and consultations. 

In 2015 Solohan & Co created the first African legal outfit dedicated website. Since then we have clothed over 4,000 lawyers worldwide, including Senior Advocates, Judges, the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo GCON SAN.

Some of our bespoke tailoring service includes working and ceremonial Robes, full bottom and court Wigs for Barristers and Judges, Court Tunic Shirts, Starched Collars, Soft Collars, Stiff Collars, Collar Studs, Collar Stiffeners, barrister bands, lace stock and cuffs, Tie Bands, Wig Stands, Cuffs Links plus many more legal accessories. 

Other services offered by Solohan & Co, includes Wig and Gown Repair, Legal Outfit dry-cleaning and Maintenance, unparalleled Photography Experience.