Talking about style with my friend the other day, she made a dismissive wave and said “when it comes to clothes, lawyers are boring.”  You’d be shocked at the amount of people that think this to be true. After all what do we wear? Black suits, black suits and more black suits. Sigh… kind of sounds boring. But guess what? It does not have to be so. Yes you heard me. I’d be the first to admit that you can’t do much with the age long monochrome it is that we wear to court. However, that is no excuse to look drab now is it? Law might be a sober profession but it’s not a funeral.

Okay! Here’s what you need to know. For the gents; White shirts are to you what brooms are to Harry Potter. You don’t have to walk into a boutique right now and buy a dozen, but you do need to save some amount, every month or two to buy yourself great quality shirts. (Remember its crisp white winged collar or detachable collar shirts). Believe it or not the shirt in that suit can make or mar it. Talking about suits; please dears, I said suits not coats. The Rules of Professional Conduct might be strict about dress code but it says nothing about oversized suits. You can have suits tailored to your size at reasonable amounts. There’s really no need walking around the place like a stuffed turkey. Let’s be honest, dark colored perfectly fitted suits; extremely sexy. And to the icing on the cake, black socks and black shoes… You know those shoes that make people look at you from head to toe and then toe again? Yes, those very ones. Not the ones with edges that seem to be having conversations with the outside world. And let’s not forget, a nice haircut is the way to a Judge’s heart. (Okay, I just made that up but you get the pointJ)

For the ladies; your white camisoles are important but the kind of suit you wear can take you from a Snooki to a Cindy Crawford. No jokes. Oh and here’s the really good part. You don’t have to actually buy a skirt suit. You can simply pair a great black jacket with a gorgeous black corporate skirt as long as they have matching fabric and same color tone. So, why suffer through your two pairs of suits when you can have a dozen skirts, half a dozen jackets… and voila! When shopping for your skirts, pick Voile material corporate skirts. They are affordable, pretty and most importantly, almost every jacket is made of the same material. For the complete chic barrister look, don on nice plain black heels (comfortable ones please). You’re set to go.

And for both ladies and gents; there is the matter of your wig and gown. The unrivaled piece in a lawyer’s wardrobe. Don’t worry, I know a place that not only provides you with one, but offers maintenance services for a small fee. They are called SOLOHAN. If you buy a quality wig and gown from a place that can service it, well that’s what I call a great investment. Not to mention that your wig and gown would be tailored to fit just you. *wink*

Put on your bib/collaret and let’s go win that case… or lose it. But either ways, we are doing it in style.

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