Wig and Gown in Nigeria for Call to bar aspirants

Aspirations to the bar must pick and choose their accessories carefully to avoid wearing prohibited materials. Some aspirants to the bar may not even be aware that certain fabrics, shoes and accessories are not allowed for the occasion. No one wants to be denied access through that pearly gate only because they were over dressed.
In light of the above, The recommended accessories are;
1. The Wig ( preferably a shade that is not too white) (Ladies are advised to come in their natural hair for this glorious occasion)

2. The Gown ( not too silky )

3. A white collarette for Ladies ( it’s advisable the the it should not be too fitted to make it comfortable for the person wearing it)

4. A collar, stud and Bib ( for men )

5. A tunic white shirt for men. ( pls note thay it is advised not to wear a dove tail shirt )

6. White Camisole for the Ladies

7. A plain black suit for both the gentlemen and Ladies. ( we advise that you do not wear the barristers court waist coat and stripped grey trouser )

8. A leather cover shoe for the men( black socks)and ladies (it is advised that you do not wear a patent leather(shinny) or Suede Shoe)

9. Early arrival at the call to bar venue for your 2 invited guest and yourself is advised. This Due to heavy traffic caused by the number of guest at the call to bar venue which is usually at the international conference Center abuja. Furthermore, in other for your guest to have a good seat in the main hall, it is advised they come as early as possible.

It’s advisable to adhere to this rules so as not to face a set back on this glorious day.
The dawn of an aspirant’s professional life is the day he is called to the bar. Why not make this day memorable by putting on the best legal outfit other than procuring your “wig and gown” from a bend-down-boutique (bdb)!
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