I was just thinking about how we spend a lot of our time on our phones and other devices so much, so that reading paper back is very hard. While I am not particularly encouraging this habit, as you all know that you can’t get everything digitally, I find that it is important to give you some great apps that you can have on your phone as a law student that would still help with your education.

  1. THE NIGERIAN CONSTITUTION: If you didn’t already know this, to be very honest, I’m already worried about you. As a law student, the moment you buy any smart phone, be it android or iOS, the first thing you do is go to your play store/app store and download the Nigerian Constitution.
  2. EVIDENCE ACT: Another essential you should have on your phone is The Evidence Act 2011. No matter what angle you want to look at it from, you need this app on your phone. It comes in handy all the time.
  3. THE COMPANIES AND ALLIED MATTERS ACT: I am unable to comprehend how any law student in their right mind would not have the application of this Act on their phone. I mean we are talking about The CAMA here. The paper back itself is large and so cannot be carried about everywhere. But having the App on your phone means you can have access at any point, anywhere.
  4. THE SOLOHAN MCQ APP; This app comes with over 1000 frequently updated MCQ questions and answers in all the law school subjects. And guess what? Its absolutely free. Created by Solohan foundation, the app is one of your best bet to crush the Nigerian law school MCQ.
  5. LEGAL DICTIONARY: This must be one of my most favourite apps. Not only does it give you the meaning of most legal words, it also gives you the interpretation of most Latin maxims. It really is the best.
  6. THE NIGERIAN LAWS: You’d be surprised at the amount of Electronic Laws that are out there. While you may not be able to find an application for all of them, you might be able to find pdf versions for some. But there’s no guarantee of this. Also, what if you don’t have internet connection? That’s why I particularly love this app. It has put together as many Nigerian Laws as it could in an alphabetical manner and all you must do is just go on the app and scroll to the Law you are looking for. There you have it.
  7. ALL LAWS OF THE FEDERATION: As the name implies, this App contains all the Laws of the Federation from as far back as they go. Quite like “The Nigerian Laws”, however, it contains more Laws and Acts. There’s almost no Law or Act ever written and passed in this country that you cannot find here. Including laws that you find it extremely difficult to even get the hard copies. Just at the click of your finger tip.

Please understand that the reality is that you cannot entirely replace your Laws and Acts with digital applications, nor should you. However, the purpose of this article is so that you can have easier access to some of these Laws. The one thing you quickly find out in the study of law is that a lot of the texts are large and not easy to convey about. And so, to save you the hassle, we’ve compiled a list of some apps that are tested and trusted. Have fun.


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